Writing Store Product Pages

Store Product Pages is created for eCommerce store owners, copywriters, store administrators and other online workers who are responsible for creating product

An eCommerce copywriter must understand the differences between writing online and writing for real world applications. When these differences can make or break a business, it’s essential you get them right.

From tone to structure, to language, to voice and conversations; each have their own important qualities that need to be handled differently in order for you to write powerfully and effectively.

Your learning path starts with the Online Basics courses and continues with specific Copywriting courses.

Course Includes

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Write High-quality Product Description

When you have a good understanding of the products and the categories then you will be a good writer of product descriptions. You must have the ability to explain these differences from a customer’s perspective.

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Learn how Metadata works

One of the more advanced and very favourable skills for a Copywriter is for them to be able to write metadata for product pages. These include well-crafted meta titles and meta descriptions.

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