Become a Virtual Assistant

Receive a solid training in online basics like how to work efficiently, basic file management, common tools, password security and more.

This course is recommended as a first step for every student regardless of experience or skill level. No technical skills are needed; just an open mind to new concepts.

Get practical training for starting every day in the right way, confidently communicating with virtual colleagues across the globe and creating an easy habit-stacking routine that removes distractions so you can do your best work.

Uncover the essential internet basics - including things that you never even dreamed would be important for your online career, such as:

  • Learn the basics of HTML
  • Get to know advantages and disadvantages of different web browsers
  • Master the skill of working smarter vs. working harder

Uncover the best file management practices and why they matter, including:

  • Stream-lining working process and naming protocols
  • How folder structures can save you time and win you friends
  • Even understanding online copyright

Learn skills and gain confidence when working with images, including:

  • How to use free, Creative-Commons and paid image sources
  • How to identify good images for the task at hand
  • Why you need to attribute images correctly

Become proficient at using a host of online tools, from:

  • How to efficiently use search engines for everyday tasks
  • How to use Google sheets and other online tools
  • How to spell correctly, check your grammar

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Course Includes

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Behaviours That Will Lead To Success

Learn and adopt good habits and truly effective behaviours that will help you achieve online employment success. Get tips and ideas on how to dealing with distractions and creating a regular routine, maintain a healthy work ethic, and more.

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Solid Online Training

If you’re entirely new to working online, then start with these introductory courses. You’ll receive a solid education in online fundamentals such as how to work efficiently, basic file management, common tools, password security and more.

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Virtual Assistant Courses

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Successful Behaviours & Habits
Learn the habits and behaviours that the most successful online workers use in their everyday work life.
Kat McKinnon
person typing on a laptop
Internet Basics for Virtual Assistants
Tailored for the promising online workers with no previous experience.
Kat McKinnon
person holding a red credit card
eCommerce Basics for Virtual Assistants
An excellent primer to help you wrap your head around the new world of eCommerce.
Kat McKinnon
pile of folders and magazines
Best File Management Practices for Virtual Assistants
This will help you learn how work with your colleagues in a consistent and harmonious way.
Kat McKinnon
different photos on the table
Working with Images for Virtual Assistants
This course will teach you the skills and give you the confidence you need when working with images in your online career.
Kat McKinnon
group of people working
Working with Online Teams
Learn how to become a trustworthy online worker that employees want to hire and keep.
Kat McKinnon
different smart devices and gadgets
Common Online Work Tools for Virtual Assistants
This equips new online workers with an understanding of the tools that you will encounter in your everyday work life.
Kat McKinnon
young person reading book
Basic English Language Training for Virtual Assistants
Will give you all the tools and resources, tips and tricks for perfecting your English quickly and with less effort than you are used to.
Kat McKinnon
geometric shapes
Anatomy of a Winning Resume
Resume writing doesn’t have to be hard. These step-by-step lessons will help you to write a compelling resume to launch, or further, your dream career.
Kat McKinnon

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